Orange Ethics

The code of conduct which the members of Borusan need to follow is set by the Borusan Holding Ethics Committee. The employees of the Borusan Group assume the responsibility for implementing and guiding for the implementation of the code of ethics in this respect.

The “Orange Ethics Hotline” is formed as a part of this responsibility. Borusan employees can use this Hotline to receive consultation and information concerning their behavior as well as that of other Borusan employees. All reporting on the compliance with the code of ethics for Borusan Group companies and their employees is expected to be performed via this Hotline. The Ethics Committee responds to all kinds of questions and reports.

The Ethics Committee is responsible for investigating any complaints and reports on the violation of the code of ethics and developing a solution. The Ethics Committee is accountable to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Borusan Holding and investigations are conducted by Borusan Holding Audit Department.

Any reports sent by Borusan Group employees or third parties to the Ethics Committee are treated in confidence. KPMG is partnered to manage this process. Examination and investigation processes are executed by independent experts in confidence.

For questions and reports, please contact members of the Ethics Committee via following channels:

Orange Ethics Hotline