General Information

We provide service to our customers in three areas at the annual handling capacity of 5.000.000 tons general cargo, 450.000 TEU containers and 350.000 vehicles.

As a result of our investments, information systems and process management approach, we are one of the most effective ports in Turkey and one of the first ports in the country to receive the Green/Eco Port Certificate. 1.773 meters-long berth of Borusan Port is located inside a bonded and non-bonded terminal area of 520.260 m² in total, thus making significant contributions to export and import activities in the Southern Marmara, Northern Aegean and Western Anatolian regions.


Geographical Features

Our port in the Gemlik Gulf at the 40o25'12" northern latitude and 29o05'18" eastern meridian serves as the export gate of the Southern Marmara Region, where major industrial and export centers of Turkey are located.


We are located in the same hinterland as the provinces of Bursa, Eskişehir, Kütahya and Bilecik, which make significant contributions to the industry of the country and are dynamic and growing in industries such as automotive, steel, textile and mining.