We align our policies and values focusing on the environmental protection, consumption of natural resources and animal rights as well as the issues of education, health and disabled people with an emphasis on children. We also support culture and art activities with a shared approach across Borusan Group in group synergy.

Corporate Social Responsibility

In line with our approach to corporate social responsibility, it is one of our main values to take into consideration the expectations of not only our customers and shareholders but also of society.
We strengthen our cooperation with the society through a deep understanding of corporate social responsibility, compliance with the law, acting as a model and conducting activities that carry the industry forward (taking an active part in the industry associations, sponsorship in industry summits etc.).

We are proud of our Ocean Volunteers under Borusan Holding who have saved millions of starfish for many years. They have realized and are striving to make people realize the value of saving a single starfish.
Borusan employees use their knowledge and skills as volunteers in social responsibility projects for the Platform of Ocean Volunteers to raise awareness in future generations and in society and to generate effective solutions on education, health, children, disabled people, environmental protection, consumption of natural resources and animal rights. The platform has realized many projects from environmental cleaning to supporting non-governmental organizations and conducting joint works.
Ocean Life is Worth It Volunteer Platform is an independent platform established in 2013 by Borusan Lojistik employees having the same vision. In this platform, we develop project ideas, work together with volunteers to realize projects for which feasibility works are completed and generate funds by establishing income models outside the company.
We achieved stability and growth on this path and each year “Ocean Life is Worth It Volunteer Platform” realize around 7 main projects with the participation of 227 volunteers and 1935 volunteering hours on average. The platform receive great support in all these areas from young volunteers whose hearts and souls are also young.

As the Ocean Life is Worth It Volunteer Platform, coming from the same roots, sharing the same mission and endeavor to be there for each need in life, we say ‘We have to start somewhere!’; we started to walk on this path and we will continue to do so.

If you wish to participate in the projects as individuals or organization;

ISO 14001

Environmental Management Standard

Analyses the impacts of the activities on the environment.

  • Plans and manages improvement activities regarding the environment.
  • Its main objective is to reduce negative effects on the environment continuously.
  • Plans and manages emergencies. Always ready for emergencies.
  • Strives to emphasize environmental consciousness in its activities.
  • Sorts waste at the source and ensures disposal with minimum damage on the environment.
  • Considers the environmental factor in each aspect of its relations with all suppliers and customers.