IIP is the first and only international Human Resources standard developed to ensure that there is a connection between the development of employees and the purposes and objectives of the organization.

Representing the international human resources standards that contribute to leveraging employees to increase company performance, IIP aims to improve the effectiveness of the investment in employees and to align them with the company needs. Launched in Britain in 1991 and became an international standard in 1998, IIP makes evaluations based on 10 main indicators and 39 sub-criteria.

IIP means the following for Borusan Lojistik employees:

  • Implementing feedbacks on business processes,
  • Continuous review of development activities and regular improvements in this area,
  • Employees receive more support and feedback from their managers regarding their development,
  • Development plans are aligned with the performance objectives of employees.


Borusan Lojistik received IIP – Investors in People certificate on November 19, 2008 and became the first Turkish logistics company to receive it.

Employee Recommendation System

Setting off with the motto “I recommend, therefore I manage”, our recommendation system was established with a structure that allows our employees to express their recommendation on any issue. Submitted online through Borusan Lojistik Portal accessible by all employees, the recommendations are sent directly to the relevant manager and the whole process is followed up again through the portal. Our ongoing improvement works continue at full pace with the recommendations provided by our employees regarding our company or their work.

OHSAS 18001

Occupational Health and Safety Management Standard

  • Analyzes current risks.
  • Plans and manages improvement activities for OHS.
  • Plans and manages emergencies. Always ready for emergencies.
  • Always prioritizes occupational health and safety.
  • Raises awareness in employees with continuous training.
  • Creates safer working environments by taking visual and operational measures in workspaces.